Bedtime remains a challenge.  Ollie has been off the naps this week.  Lily somehow sneaks down to gather supplies for her “projects” (last night it involved markers and books and perfume).  But since it is light later we all seem to have more energy.  I wish she would get more sleep ; I hold out hope that she will one day.  We worked on things this morning, and by the time lunch was over we all were in the mood for a reward…enter Brusters.  (Kids, in another, longer, more concentrated on post I will tell you the love story of your parents in which Brusters plays a role.  Just know that it is a special place:-)  Ice cream for everyone, then home again for more playing and mowing the lawn.  Now big kids are outside running around with the neighborhood, hopefully wearing themselves out.  Ollie doesn’t have any pants on but he IS wearing Lily’s red boots.  Lily, of course, is wearing a swimsuit.  So today I am thankful for:

1.  Having a great love story to tell our kids.

2.  Ice Cream

3.  Beautiful, sunny, bright, heavenly days

4.  MixBit 🙂

5.  Card games:  Lily got a set of 4 for her birthday and they are great.  We like playing before “bed”

6.  Bedtime–eventually!

IMG_2455 IMG_2457

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