And it is sweet!  But I won’t lie. The sun only flirting briefly today and there was hail and rainstorms. Spring is not here yet. But the house was clean at the beginning of the day and the kids slept well past the usual time so good all around here. Grocery shopping done and unpacking. Tomorrow laundry and catching up on school basics along  with swimming. 

Just Add Water

We met some new friends today. Lila and I met online in a homeschool group and we watch each other Periscope. When we realized she is in CA and I would be here, we decided to get together. And today was the day!  While we planned to possibly go to the beach, once the kids started swimming there was no stopping them.  What a fun day and how awesome to become with someone who lives 3000 miles away.  


Aquarium Love

Monterey Bay on Friday. A long day but well worth it. Nice to spend a low key day here today with Brent and Jessica. Emmy loves skinny dipping and today: bare bottom got sunburned. 😂😂