November 13

Oh so thankful for good night’s sleep, not so early mornings, frost outside, warm coffee and hearts inside and games, games, games. 

Rat A Tat Cat



November 4

I am totally thankful for Rat A Tat Cat–our new card gaming obsession. There is a round or two played everyday around here all together and then another few among just kids. 

November 3

And then…I forgot the very next day. Oh well! I am thankful that Ollie beat the Jurassic World LEGO game because now he is back to not begging for technology. Geez-does it ever suck you in fast!

But I am pretty proud of him–video games are so intuitive to kids. I’m glad they can catch on because I sure can’t. 📽☎️📺

November 2

It’s Wednesday and there is less than a week until Election Day and I am thrilled that we will be taking up the cause to campaign for our favorite candidate-well, not quite–tomorrow are going to be making talking debates, slogans and posters for our favorite candy. 

I. Know.

There is so much around here that I figure we can at least have some fun n before it disappears next week. (Worst Mom Ever)

But what I am thankful for today are these mild temperatures that helped give us time to jump and rake and play before the sunlight goes away. 

November 1

Well, I got on a roll–was it two (?) or three (?) years ago…holy moly-it may be four now–when I wrote a thankful post each day all through November. Taking it up again; I woke up in a panic last night realizing it was already November 2 and I had missed my chance. 

Never one to lie down and take it–I’m throwing caution to the wind and I am going to get my gratitude on!

November 1: Gratitude for late starts, breathing room, days filled with candy and happy students calculation, rhyming and creating and Benedryll that can rock even the most cough-y baby to sleep. So everyone gets enough rest. 

Until tomorrow–ahem, today😉