November 2

It’s Wednesday and there is less than a week until Election Day and I am thrilled that we will be taking up the cause to campaign for our favorite candidate-well, not quite–tomorrow are going to be making talking debates, slogans and posters for our favorite candy. 

I. Know.

There is so much around here that I figure we can at least have some fun n before it disappears next week. (Worst Mom Ever)

But what I am thankful for today are these mild temperatures that helped give us time to jump and rake and play before the sunlight goes away. 

November 1

Well, I got on a roll–was it two (?) or three (?) years ago…holy moly-it may be four now–when I wrote a thankful post each day all through November. Taking it up again; I woke up in a panic last night realizing it was already November 2 and I had missed my chance. 

Never one to lie down and take it–I’m throwing caution to the wind and I am going to get my gratitude on!

November 1: Gratitude for late starts, breathing room, days filled with candy and happy students calculation, rhyming and creating and Benedryll that can rock even the most cough-y baby to sleep. So everyone gets enough rest. 

Until tomorrow–ahem, today😉

I am sweating 

I have to do this in underpants. 

Ollie came in from after school jumping to play a little Jurassic Park LEGO and announced this to me. 

“Hold On!  I am sweating. I have to do this in underpants.”

Strip. Lounge. Game. 😍😳🎉

Reader Part 2

Mr. Oliver Weller read his first book aloud today. The first BOBbook, Mat. He identified words that are names and those that are not names. He created sentences with the same words. He read the book to me, to Lily and when Sam gets home, I bet he will proudly read it to him. 

Congratulations, Mister!! 🎉🎉💕💕

Won’t Play Your Games

Last night I was struck by how Lily is so individual in her reactions and walking around in the world.  She is one unique girl!

She told Sam she would love to join he and Ollie to play basketball tomorrow at the community center.  Because “basketball is my life”.

She simply will not play the “likeable” game.  It is one I am so very well versed in…the smile, the answering the questions, the one where you please those around you by the way you react to them.  Game I have played my whole life and only in my late 20’s learned to let go of…sometimes.

But she simply will not play it.

Say “thank you”.  Smile.  Answer the questions of strangers.  Smile!

A part of me (that game player part) cringes as she asserts her true feelings (no, I don’t want to smile at the creepy old man in the elevator who is asking me stupid questions!) and a bigger, a much bigger part, of me, is so in awe of her assertiveness and her individuality.  She is not playing the game of people pleasing and while that is fairly uncomfortable for me, she is definitely leading me down the path of “know thyself” as an 8 year old.

Fearless girl, I love you!

Get on the Dance Floor

I always lament that there aren’t opportunities to dance anymore unless someone gets married. Since everyone but Andrew is married, I will have to wait until children begin to marry…but sometimes, you know, you just have to dance. 

So tonight I was so happy, thrilled, really, when dinner out down the shore turned into a fabulous and wacky night of dancing.

Granted it was dancing to songs from my childhood, ones my parents listened (and danced) to, but good songs, to be sure.

We stumbled upon a dance party at the resort next door and it was a true blast.  I’m so happy Jeasica and Brent were there to share it.  So fun.  So funny.  Such good music and such a good time!

Soul Cruisers 4-ever!💕💕💕

Beach Days

We are about to begin our second week of beach life; Brent and Jessica will arrive tonight. Spending two weeks has really been awesome to not feel rushed and like we need to do all the things in a short amount of time. We have spent time by the waves every day but one when we explored a nearby estuary and environmental educational center called the Wetlands Institute. 

At the Institute we got to explore crabs, horseshoe crabs, walk the salt marsh, release baby horseshoe crabs and spy on an osprey in its nest. 

Ollie knew all the answers to the ecologists questions (where did he learn all answers? Octonauts on Disney channel😉)