Emmeline Makes 3!

Emmy is the third (& final??) wee to join our family. She arrived on a clear blue-sky, HOT day in late August. There were a lot of expectations I held for her delivery, our hospital stay and her, in general. I hoped for a healthy, hearty girl, first of all. {check} I hoped for an easy and peaceful, kinda zen delivery experience. Except for that woozy, throwing up period, I’d say {check} And I hoped that I would have a quiet room where I could recover, sleep whenever and people would bring me food and prescription drugs on demand. {check} Yay, West Penn Hospital and Doctor Bergman. Also, kudos to my anesthesiologist and her team~totally awesome and calming (re: woozy and throwing up period).

Private L & D room, thanks to Sam

Sam and I found the hospital, found recovery, found a crazy woman in there who was moaning and he took charge to find a quiet room in which to prepare. Thank you, Sam. She was ridiculous! Dr. Bergman finally decided to show up 😉 and I walked into the OR, anxious to meet our little girl!

Emmeline Meredith

9:03AM 7lbs, 4oz 19 inches
The best noise in the world = a newborn’s first cry. I breathe such a sigh of relief. Chip, chop, it was done and eventually we rolled into our room where we would hang out for 4 days. It was easy and quiet and lovely to spend time with her, alone. But I missed the other Wees and was very happy to go home on Thursday with Sam. He treated me to Mad Mex on the way and then we started our new normal with 3littlewees.

Sweet Baby Emmy: Good Sleeper

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