My Walk

During our visit I got to go on a walk.  I know.  Big deal, right?  Well, these days, it IS a big deal.  I don’t find time to do it on any regular basis.  I miss my walks.  It was the time I could breathe, listen to some music or a book on tape and mull over whatever was on my mind.  So, yes, I thought I would document some of the things I found on my walk.  It was a really pretty day and I chose to walk down the quiet road, Rock Hollow, which includes some hills.  Strapped on Emmeline and we were ready to go!

The last photo is a big hill that, as kids, the boys and I and our neighbors spent lots of time exploring.  Mostly, we used it for sledding but it also was a great way to shortcut the fast curve in the road to get to one house or the other.  Once, while we walked up to our house, there were gutted fish hanging on the trees by the curve.  I don’t know how the fish got there or why they were there but I think that picture will never leave my mind.  It was strange and obviously made an impression on me.  Those fish made me take the shortcut for a long time after we saw them…just so I wouldn’t have to walk by the trees again.

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