Fall Festivals

I feel like a failed person if I don’t get the requisite Fall Festival pictures.  I don’t know why I feel renewed in fall but I do.  Maybe not more than in spring but I feel like it is another new beginning and I have the energy to gear up for the Fall/Winter spiral of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So I get excited to take all sorts of pictures and attend the various festivals.  Its why I chose the weekend I did to go back to Birdsboro since the Apple Festival was going on.  It was a great bonus that Brent was there, too!  Hay Creek holds a special place in my heart.

School begins, the chicken corn noodle soup flows, the warm autumnal sun shines down in the hollow-I can picture it!  When I was in elementary school my Michael Jackson apple art was chosen to be displayed (Mom doesn’t remember this but I sure do!).  And Jesse and Becky met there one night after we graduated from hs.  Mark Arnold, Jesse, Becky, Lindy and I met up there and hung out with warm beer and hot candlelight. Wait, was Joe Breton there, too?  I forget.  Good times.  Anyway.  That was a round-about way to say I like Hay Creek and the festivals.  So, anyway, we went back to go to the Apple Festival.

But we didn’t get there…instead it seemed easier and more kid-friendly to go to Weaver’s Orchard.  But that was an ill-advised idea; it was packed and crazy built up.  Not what we thought it would be.  However, we decided to take pictures, enjoy the band and eat some ice cream.  I know two kids who did not complain one bit!

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