Summer’s Last Stand

Indian summer, I suppose, if I follow the definition {summer like weather following the first frost}.  But today was the day–the last day before we dive straight into winter — at least into much, much colder weather.  I feel unprepared.  I haven’t had to grocery shop or drive in or bundle up kids (and self) for a long, long time.  Lily experienced winter in Cleveland once.  And as a new mom, I didn’t leave the house much with her in tow.  So, to send it off in a friendly way and hope summer hurries back, we played outside with shorts and swimsuits on, getting very very dirty.  The clouds are blowing in and a cold wind has started to find it way through the open windows.  Bring on the soups, the turtlenecks, the snowdays and the fireplace fires.  We will remember how to keep warm soon enough; I’ll learn how to clip everyone into carseats with thick jackets on.

This morning we went to North Park to a favorite playground we haven’t played on since the hot, hot weather in August.  It was a lovely morning.  When Lily and Ollie got bored with the slides and such, we walked over to an overpass that I thought might have a creek running under it.  It was more like a gross place you might find hobos living if  we were closer to the city (no, it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t too nice, either).  They could have cared less.  Both of them played and got filthy.  Both were wet and muddy by the time I could get them to leave.  It was fun.

Back at home, while Ollie napped, Lily and I made pumpkin pie spice play dough.  When he woke up, we went outside and they played together in the dirt and leaves.  Until The Boys got home.  Then they played with those three until their baseball game start beckoned.

Goodbye, summer.  Hello, chilly fall.

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