Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Sometimes we all need reminders.  The kids certainly do.  And sometimes the grown-ups do, too.  I just got a reminder and I am really grateful for it.  I needed it.  Sometimes you get blind or forgetful to your own greatness.  And your goodness.  I know as I continue raising these kids I may be asking them this question a lot.  I hope I can remember to ask it of them without anger, not in anger, but to really hear what they think ads they move through their life.  As their mom, I have to love them through everything but I want them to also feel that whatever they are or where ever they find themselves in their own journey, its okay and they will be okay.


What else today?  I am so thankful to have time with Oliver alone.  Its hard to find one on one time with him now that he is becoming such an interesting and outspoken little fellow.  Not a lot of quiet time to play and hang out without a big sister or little sister around.  Today we spent time doing some art, using a sensory box of rice, and putting away clothes.  Then he got into Sam’s hair paste.  I guess Sam put some in his hair this morning and, well, Ollie wanted to do it himself this afternoon.  He globbed this much into his hair in the one minute I was in the laundry room getting more clothes to fold.  Bath night!!


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