Day 24 of Thankful Thoughts

Today {I mean, YESTERDAY, but I am catching up!} I am so thankful for WONDER and DISCOVERY.  Lily appeared at the top of the steps while it was turning light and she asked me why it was so white outside.  Then it dawned on her.  Snow!  She couldn’t wait to get out there!  A cold front came in yesterday afternoon {two days ago…WHATEVER!} and with it, a little coating of the white stuff.  She was so excited to check it out that she went immediately to the closet and put her winter coat and boots on-over her Tink PJ’s.  While she was outside, Ollie joined in the awake time and she brought in various things with a little bit of snow on them so he could see.  A rock.  A sprig of pine tree.  Another, bigger rock.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Later in the day we all got bundled, Emmy included, and went outside to play.  No dice.  Ollie couldn’t hack the cold.  This may take some getting used to!

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