That day it was really, really super cold

Christmas Elves

Emmeline.  Lord have mercy.  She is such a spitfire!  Today’s adventure involved nails and makeup (similar to above, thanks to Lily the stylist).  She looked good!  A girly, girl, save for her un-pink outfit and toughie “get outta my way” of moving through the world.   So there were many surprised men when she went barreling into the men’s locker room at the gym today.  Of course, this normally wouldn’t happen but doors were propped open, giving her easy access.  And she is outrageously speedy.  I sent Ollie in after her but he would only report back to me what she was doing:

-she is going into the potty.

-she just took her diaper off (hands me the diaper).

-there’s a man in there talking to her.

Finally a nice man went in and told me the coast was clear.  I rushed in, scooped her out of the urinal, and wrestled everyone out the door.

Oh.  It was also 5 degrees as we drove home.  2 hour delay and wind so biting it hurts your face.  But the sun shone and the hot chocolate flowed!  Its all good.

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