Of C-3PO and Great White Sharks

IMG_3131 IMG_3132

As a family of 5, we returned to the Science Center today after stopping for some brunch.  The kids were so excited to show Sam all their favorite discoveries.   Emmy especially has been talking to him non-stop about the “water table”.  “Water table, ‘gain.”  I think she even woke up from a nap, talking to him about it (or maybe it was she wouldn’t settle down to sleep because she was talking about it.)  In any case, we played in the water table…’gain.  Ollie showed off the submarine.  Lily wanted him to see the robots.  Em and I lasted for 10 minutes in the planetarium Big Bird Show. Sam, Ollie and Lily lasted until the opening music started on the Great White Shark IMAX movie.   But we all caught up with one another at the miniature train display–which is amazingly well done.  I got to blow the train whistle!  The railroad was on the same level as the robots which is where I found Lily as Sam navigated the train display with Ollie and Emmy.  I just observed her-as she operates in the world–and I caught her absorbed in one of the offerings.




But then she caught me!

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