Recovery Day

Despite our excitement last evening, we were on the go again today. A pot of coffee, a Diet Dr. Pepper and we were off! Lily was such a trooper last night and didn’t slow down today. She started her day talking to both Grammas to give them a detailed run-down of the whole experience. And she never got cranky all day. I am so impressed. We spent the day at the Natural History museum; Sam met us there and treated us to cupcakes! We got home and both she and O went next door to show off the stitches (she got 2!), and went sledding again. I’m really happy about that-no fear!

And can I just take a moment to try to explain the stout and sturdy littlest person in our family? I can’t explain her, I guess, except to say that she is the sweetest, most lively little thing. While we sat at the cafe eating our cupcakes, E was, of course, on the move….climbing in and out of the high chair, sitting on my lap, then no, onto Dada’s. And talking, talking, talking. She doesn’t stop. Not moving or talking or eating pretzel rods.

And Oliver declared tonight that he was NEVER GOING TO TAKE A BATH EVER AGAIN. But then reconsidered when he came to realize no one would want to be around him if he was so stinky. Bath time:1, OWW:0

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