Snow Monster


Made you look!  🙂  Everyone was out after school to sled at the neighbors in the cul de sac.  They have the BEST hill!  One of ours is steep and ends in a huge retention ditch (sounds lovely, right?  But it is in the woods and is where the deer like to sleep) and the other hill is nice and easy.  Our neighbors have the superior sledding hill, I believe.  It is a nice, gentle but lengthy slope so you can really get going and it ends with a long flat piece of yard.  Sledding heaven!  Do you see how red her cheeks are?  We were out for about 45 minutes and she went down the hill many times with many different kids.  Each time she either got towed back up the hill in the tube (the one that Lily used to slice open her ear:-) or was carried.  Lucky girl!  While we hiked back up to the top, I suggested to Olivia that she try and get out and snow at night.  Nighttime sledding while it snowed is a very vivid and happy memory of mine.

It could have a been a rotten day (although I joked that I was able to sit quietly with a book so the wait for the ultrasound/biopsy was kind of like waiting for a spa treatment….I had something similar to a spa robe on…) but it turned out wonderfully!  No biopsy necessary, I got a coffee and some groceries before picking up the Boy at school and then we played and read and got outside.


One thought on “Snow Monster

  1. Enjoy this time, Miss E!! All too soon you’ll be a big kid and have to trudge up the hill by yourself!🏂⛄️
    You brought back sweet memories of nighttime sledding and walks in snowstorms.

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