Projects, projects!

To keep my mind off the constant snow, many projects are on the horizon.

School:  There’s always school to prepare and books to gather.  Every Little House cd is reserved at the library.  We are up to By the Shores of Silver Lake.  But I get requests for reading them and also listening.  L is also agitating for The Chronicles of Narnia; I found an awesome full cast recording on Audible and plan on using a credit to get that soon.  Saving up for the box set of books which she would like on hand, too.

I can see she is on the cusp of starting to pick up books and read them to herself.  She reads to her brother and sister–Dr. Seuss and the like but has yet to try and tackle the next step up in material.  But it is coming very soon and then her world will expand.  I’m so excited for her!

We start a new unit on Ancient Greece in the next week or so.  I am gathering up materials now.  I am using The Magic Tree House Fact Finder for introductory information and we will go from there with some Usborne  books, projects and educational videos.  I’m looking forward to this; Ollie can join us and we all got into Ancient Egypt last fall.

House:  So much I want to do, so little time to do it.  Besides being desperate for a new kitchen {sigh} but being patient as the kids grow so I don’t have to toddler-proof it or worry about it getting too dinged up..that will be a major project (but one I look forward to!!).  For now I am tackling our master bedroom.  It is gigantic and so white!  New paint, curtain and curtain rods will really warm it up and make it feel more peaceful.  Like a family-friendly spa.

Self:  Work continues on healthy eating.  Whole30 being my reference but not my dietary bible…I am taking in dairy and legumes and a little bit less protein.  Still hardly any processed sugar and no alcohol.  I was pretty hangry with all the rules.  But I am sleeping better and avoiding an afternoon slump.

Couple:  We have 2 (!!) parents night out coming up.  While L is not totally thrilled I am totally looking forward to some downtime with Sam.  Sopranos?  A movie?  Dinner out?  So many possibilities!

Art:  We did some Valentine’s art today.  It was Groundhog Day and so O took artistic license and turned his into a celebration of 6 more weeks of winter.  Melty crayons and then painted with watercolor.  I can’t wait to get them up on display!  Idea from Artful Parent





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