I want my money!

Have you seen the Will Ferrell sketch on Funny or die titled “The Landlord”?

Go Google it.  I’ll wait.

Ok…so the scene where Pearl screeches, “I WANT MY MONEY!”  More or less, you get the idea of bedtime tonight.  Pearl played alternatively by Emmy or myself.  There may have been a few missteps to a quiet, relaxed bedtime.  First, I fed everyone our favorite, french toast.  Sugar high.  Second, I took L to her Daisy troop meeting where she had Valentine’s treats and it was someone’s birthday.  It will be a big downer when its her b-day because those chickadees are getting fruit in ice cream cones.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY…now go to bed!  Everyone was pretty hyped up.  And have only gone to sleep now. (wait…L just came down to see when I was going to check on her.)

Am I telling too many anecdotes of our  nighttime?  I kinda feel I am.  Maybe I will try writing this at other times in the day 🙂

But the video made me laugh and relax.  I will go up and check on L and O one last time, give them big hugs and tell them to stay in bed!!

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