Attention! Achtung! We’ve got a SWIMMER!!


About a year ago we started swim lessons–and then stopped because the pool was too cold.  I waited (im)patiently for Goldfish Swim School to open so my little swimmers could enjoy the 90* water.  Today our patience and L’s persistence paid off!  She is SWIMMING!  Her instructor asked, “Who is this girl?!?”  It was a thrill to see it happen!  I am just so proud of her.  She was pumped up and didn’t want to stop when her lesson was through.  She asked to go to Family Swim over the weekend.  And she hopes she can take one of her make up lessons {tomorrow, please!}.  It reminds me of when you fall in love and just want to hang out with that new person and figure them out.  She has conquered a new skill and wants to make it hers!

O had a great swim day, too!  With a reward of 1 M&M for walking in alone or 5 for walking in with no crying…he aced it!  5 M&M’s later…

Hmmm-I think I am going to do that tomorrow morning for school!

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