Of birdseed and peanut butter

No getting around it; winter is sticking around for a bit longer.  The deer that circle our neighborhood are back around our side.  Their hoof prints scuff through the snow, drawing funny mazes leading around our yards.  A few mornings ago I woke in the dark and came upon two eating our holly and rhododendron bushes right outside the door.  Things are getting desperate.  One girl keeps snuffling at a tree in the woods.  Either the trunk is soft and rotten or else she can get to the leaves surrounding it on the ground.  Every so often I am at the sink and look up to see her working on it.  Many tracks lead to our deck under which the birdseed falls, gathering for doves and deer alike.

We have been kinder to the birds this winter and made a great effort to keep their feeders full.  A great number of them visit.  Occasionally a song will come through from outside and it makes spring seem closer.  Sub-zero temps and sickness next door have kept everyone inside since last week.  This afternoon we needed a project to occupy us.  Since we have noted some new visitors like winter-dull golden finch, a purple finch (or 3) and a song sparrow, and we noticed that a bread-seed heart L made to hang outside was getting bare, we thought some peanut butter feeders were called for.


Take 4 tubes, a wire hanger, some reduced fat peanut butter, and loose seed, add in 3 wacky crafters and try not to mind the mess!

IMG_3377 IMG_3378

Who buys reduced fat peanut butter anyway??  It looked so alike it’s regular fat goodness, I didn’t even notice at the store.  Reduced fat peanut butter is for the birds!


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