We are learning how to play chess.  Sam is a whiz at it and plays online.  Lily was disappointed that there wasn’t room in Chess Club at co-op this session.  Ollie just likes to be in on the action.  Sam found a great beginners game; No Stress Chess.  Lily has really taken to it and she is a good coach if she does’t happen to be the one playing at the moment.  It comes with a two-sided board.  One side is labeled and the other is not.  Along with that help is a deck of cards from which you draw to see what piece you can move.  The card also outlines what that particular piece can do like the pawn can go forward one {or two} spaces and can only knock out another player on the diagonal.  It is really fun to learn right along side them.  I haven’t played since 4th grade 🙂




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