I usually run around my life worrying or fretting that I didn’t do everything I ought to have done.  It wastes a lot of my energy.  It burns my telomeres.  It keeps me awake at night and has literally caused my stomach to burn in the past.

Betcha didn’t know I was so neurotic.


So I see last night’s slip to record a post as growth.  Or rather my reaction to it as growth.  I didn’t fret about it or put it off to do it later.  It simply slipped my mind.  I just forgot, completely and without regret.  When I woke up to realize the night had passed without an entry, instead of tossing and turning, I rolled over.  Normally I would have snarked something to myself, commenting on my  {terrible} character as though forgetting to do something, or failing to do something, or just failing, was this huge crisis.  But, dear lord, I need to cut myself a break {sometimes}.

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