This is Curious. He’s a good little monkey and always very curious.

Before breakfast, she climbed her gate, crawling into bed with me at 5, slept until 6:15 when she decided it was time to go downstairs, poured her cheerios all over the floor into a bowl, demanding milk.  After breakfast, she wanted to put on her own clothes, especially her socks and shoes, as well as nail polish that Lily left within reach.  On our way to co-op, she echoed the narrator of Little House.  While in the nursery, she told everyone she needed to use the potty and did so successfully.  She took off her shoes and socks and chewed on one so it couldn’t be worn the rest of the time. At nap time, though she appeared to be sleepy, when I checked on her, she was locked in my bathroom.  In my bathroom, she smeared my face cream on herself and a shelf, tried a Tums, cut her hair, and put mascara on her eyebrow.  After her nap, she absconded with a chocolate granola bar and ate it all, privately, and let Lily make her into a baby vamp with face paint.   Now she is up in bed, sleeping.  It takes tremendous energy to be that busy and curious.

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