Sunny.  Mild.  Snowpack seeping into the streets.  Mud.  Time to hit the road for an adventure.  We went downtown expecting to explore the art museum, however, art museums…not that kid friendly, I’m afraid.  Too quiet and too many rules.  We will have to wait on that.  Thankfully, that museum is attached to the Museum of Natural History so we wandered over there to look at some Greek architecture and dinosaurs.  But it was too nice to stay inside.  We decided to stroll outside since we were in a walkable part of Oakland, in between two campuses.  Right outside there is a tough art structure titled Lozziwurm which is meant to be played on and O and E took to it.


Lily?  She (and I) preferred this:


Further down the block by the law library, we came upon some new (to me) food kiosks selling a wacky bunch of foods. While I was tempted by the Palestinian hummus place, the kids decided on Waffalonia.  We got a sweet {fresh! hot!} waffle with strawberries and whipped cream and another with ice cream and chocolate sauce.  What’s with all this dessert eating?! Yikes!

I want to also make note of a few funny things I have overheard or learned from the kids’ conversations recently.  We had friends over to play last week; the oldest is in 1st grade at PR.  His mom says he has learned so much on the bus ride to school :-/  And sure enough, Ollie started saying “fart” after they left.  Ahem.  My dear Lily, though, is into her Kidz Bop and today when Olivia was over, L learned that All About the Bass was about your bottom.  “And I don’t understand that, Momma.  Why would you want to sing about your bottom?!”  Ahem.  I don’t have anything from Emmy but I’m sure that will be coming soon…

One thought on “Lozziwurm

  1. Let’s see…A somewhat warm day –FINALLY!…desserts – you earned them!…Lily’s question – Very smart!

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