Back in the saddle again!


The temperature is creeping up a little bit more each day…soon it will be spring!  We are loving be outdoors this week.  No one more than the Momma!  We busted out our old favorite outside toys and have been checking out what is happening in the gardens (as we can see them; the snow is continuing to melt away).  This morning L was so inspired by the sunshine she suggested a luncheon picnic and E was agreeable.  I obliged but had to eat soup–its not that warm yet.  By mid-afternoon, though, it was okay to sit out in the full sun without a jacket {zipped up, with gloves} and so the big kids and I had read aloud time with popcorn at the end of the driveway.  After nap time ended, we were all out to build up our Vitamin D stores and see if we could get our freckles to pop.  I know Lily’s did 🙂  Come on, Spring!


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