Then and Now

We touched down in California; 1999(?) was the first time I visited.  I recall the golden hillside glimpsed as the crowd made its way to baggage claim. I felt the new possibility of adventure and noticed the energy.  It seems so foreign now but there was a distinct difference between SFO and PHL–cell phones.  Everyone was talking on one here.  So many people, in fact, that I wondered who in the world they were all talking to and didn’t appreciate the noise of it all.  Why weren’t these people engaged and looking around?  Did they not notice what surrounded them?

Fast forward to California, 2015.  Completely different world, right?  Except now, I notice it’s me, and all the people around me.  I peeked in the living room on Saturday when we got together for Easter festivities and every single person was looking at a device.  This is not an indictment.  It’s not even a judgement.  It just made me sad.  Because I am so guilty of taking a peek (or longer) at a screen so many times a day.  And I know there is nothing on it that ever needs my immediate attention.  Who needs that from me is usually standing in front of me, begging for it.  But I am not a martyr.  Sometimes we need escape or we need a break or we need to attend to something pressing.  I can say, without a doubt, for me, that 95% of the time, whatever is on the screen is none of those things.  

I’m going to give my phone a little break and find a time during they day I can look at it on purpose, not just because it is a distraction addiction.

One thought on “Then and Now

  1. Well said. And an important reminder. I too (and most of the world these days it seems) am too distracted by these glowing screens. I will try – not for the first time – to bring more discipline to my dealings with technology and let me be in control of it, rather than letting IT control my actions during the day. Now, off to yoga! Thanks for this post! Well, and for all of them. THIS is one of the best uses of technology, as far as I’m concerned!

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