Je t’aime

Out of the blue in our conversation over putting on pajamas, Ollie to me he loved me…in French.  He crawled up in my lap and said it again, “Je t’aime, Momma.” and gave me a kiss.  This is the kid who teases me by wiping off every one of the kisses I try to give him.  We ran in to tell Dada how to say kiss or hug in French and then Ollie told me a secret.  At the Mother’s Day presentation everyone has to share something about their mom and he is going to share, “My mom is hardworking.”  I felt the tears well up when he said that.  A little validation goes a long way with me and what an unexpected, heart-touching way to get it.

Je t’aime, Oliver.

2 thoughts on “Je t’aime

  1. So many comments to make up of the century… Awww…you ARE so hard-working… Ollie is so sweet… brought a tear to my eye, too… glad you wrote this little gem down.

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