Deep Space

We FINALLY finished reading The Odyssey this morning.  I was tempted to just shelve it because it was a book as long as eternity.  It was snowing when we started; we were sipping hot chocolate, snuggling under blankets and now we are no longer able to glimpse cars in the backyard while the apple tree blossoms are about to burst open.  We look on with flip-flops.  But the kids wouldn’t let me stop.  Just, whew, I’m glad I’m through it.  Lily had some great questions and insight as the book wrapped up; she wanted to understand why Odysseus lied all the time.  I have to say, I have the same questions.  He was a person who conquered and survived against all odds, never losing hope or sight of his goal for 20 odd years but he didn’t have impeccable behavior.  He lied to everyone by the end, even those he treasured most in the world.

But…onward!  We are going deep space to wind up our official first year.  Planets, the moon, constellations and lots of art and science will be happening here until I can’t make anyone do anything more.  Both older kids are looking forward to lots of messy science over the summer and I bet I can get Lily to sit down to cover some math especially if I tempt her with a popsicle or lemonade.

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