Each night {since Sam set bedtimes straight}, Lily is the last to bed and she is alone in her room at 8.  Before Sam came to the rescue, we had a ritualized “check on me” that lasted up until my own bedtime.  She {and I} have responded to the new routine in a positive way.  Ever the pattern-maker, though, she has set aside 6 minutes of snuggling to perform a list of actions.  Three minutes of talking, two minutes of no talking, and one minute of kissing.  As I walk out the door, we sign an ASL I Love You to each other and she chants, “I love you.  I love you because you are the best mommy.” while I am doing the same but saying “daughter”.  She makes sure we give a kiss and a hug and say I love you every day.  Its a sweet way to end our day.IMG_1574_2

Sweet dreams…

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