On Perfection

A perfectionist needs to know what safe failure looks like.  ~Susan Wise-Bauer


I’m looking at you, kid!  How can you teach this when you struggle with it so mightily yourself?  Its a tricky thing to consider.  (sigh)  This smart, beautiful girl shuts us out of part of her life because she is afraid of messing up.  As I work through an online homeschool conference session and tonight as we put her to bed, it is on my mind.  She wants to play Dance Party 2014 but doesn’t want you to watch.  She reads eloquently to her brother and sister but won’t let us listen to her.  She knows how important reading is to both her mom and her dad.  All I know for sure is I want her to believe that this is her safe place to land in the world.  I want her to feel secure in messing up all over the place in all sorts of ways, coming to understand that no failure will diminish who she is and what she means to us.  We love you, kiddo!

*side note:  as I contemplate pushing the button to publish this, I struggle with my own perfection hang ups, worrying about showing the internets my concern about this

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