Product or Process?

On January 7, 2015 I committed to writing one entry per day on the blog, every day, for the entire year.  That was 6 months ago! While I don’t have a perfect record of daily entries, I can count on only ONE hand how many times I missed the mark and didn’t publish.  And never was there a day that I put it off because I was trying to; each “miss” was purely my forgetfulness.  When I realized in the morning (early, early morning), I usually chose to double up my published pieces.  There were also a few times, whether on vacation or exhausted, when my entry was something like, “Just wait until tomorrow!” but since something was written, it counts.

I have never been a goal-setter.  I have decided to do things (run a marathon, get my M.Ed, buy a farm) and then followed through but never with a systematic approach, not with a thoughtful plan of attack.  I think without setting goals I have been lucky to accomplish many things; I suspect it may have been easier had I chosen to tackle each with a goal and actionable steps.  I often thought I needed to set goals but never follow through.  Somehow I felt if I set a plan in place, I would ignore the plan and quit in the middle.  Since I feel like I am a pretty hard worker and accomplish unique things, I still wonder why I resist setting it out in a step by step plan.  Could it be the same reason I resist setting up schedules or committing to lots of activities?  In the back of my mind I believe something better is about to come along and if I have a schedule or plan, I won’t be able to join in the alternate fun.


Which brings me to goal-setting.  And brings me to intentionality.  Three days ago I blogged about our summer intentions.  It was a detailed piece about what fun activities I hope to set up for the kids this summer.  And a lightbulb started to dimly glow in my mind.  Within that same week, online I noticed buzz about an 14 day online course called Make Over Your Mornings, and then there was the book lying on my desk that I had not picked up since returning from California.  I signed up for the course, set about finishing the book and learned about goals.  The course pointed me to this post from one of my favorite books bloggers and the light finally went ON!

I view goals as working toward this giant accomplishment.  Instead, and what makes sense now, I should be focused on the PROCESS or the habit-forming.  I suspect that is why blogging each night has been successful for me.  I didn’t set out with the goal of “record family memories on a blog”.  My goal was simply to write each night so that I formed the habit of recording something of my day.  It wasn’t the product, it was the process.  And I have found that in the process, I have joyfully and honestly created a loving family memory-filled product.

Happy Anniversary to you, 3littlewees!

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