How Far Can Passion Take You?

While we recovered from too much fun and too little sleep last night, we fit in a visit with some neighbors whom I have known for years and years having grown up together.  While Dan was raised a few miles down the road, he and his family now live less than a mile from my parents’.  It was a happy coincidence that their two sons, Jacob and Caden, were in camp with Lily this week.  Caden is her age and Jacob is moving into fifth grade.  Dan, their dad, fixes planes for a living and has been passionate about trains since he was a little boy.  So when he and Denise bought their land, he started to build (more) locomotives, storing them in his basement garage.  Years later, he has a fully functioning miniature train track running through the woods.  It is amazing and obviously his passion.  The kids loved riding the trains, using the handcart, and swinging through the trees on their swing.  Put that together with a giant butterfly garden and a new puppy…well, we spent a few hours with them today.  Jean and Jim joined us and then we walked down the lane further, toward Rock Hollow Woods, to another neighbor who hired Jim to build the most deluxe treehouse I’ve ever seen.  It was built with care and great skill.  The two little girls lucky enough to call it their play space actually had a hand in designing the whole thing.  We decided that a writing pod like the two they had will be the perfect place for someone to journal or read in the classroom.

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