Creeping Me Out

I’ve made the blog private; I hope you are only reading this is you have accepted my invitation!  Otherwise, you may be the creepy person from South Korea or Brazil that keeps lurking around, viewing various posts up to 20 times a day.  At first, seeing “views” from around the world was really exciting. But then the numbers started going up on views but not the number of different viewers and it felt like over-exposure.  Since it wasn’t the grandparents (unless they were in Latvia or Paraguay, of which I was unaware) and since the kids like to run around with things over-exposed and I sometimes can’t help but take pictures of them, well, those of you reading now love them and would never goggle them in a creepy way.  Anyway, feel free to send me emails of people you know who may check in and I can happily send them an invite!

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