Big happenings here, people!  BIG!

We are TWO full days into something so exciting and another something so exciting that combined into two EXTREMELY exciting things, means this is really over-the-top INCREDIBLE!!!!!!


Ollie is two nights DRY without wearing Pull-Ups,  Unrelated (or maybe not, since he’s a man now-ahem), he has fallen asleep both nights without the assistance, or even the request of, a binkie.  I can’t explain that part.  I’m not even mentioning it to him for fear he may realize what a thing he has done.  He knew our last day with binks would be when he turned 5 but this is unexpected and pretty amazing.  Just proves that kids do things on their own timeline (and it would save a lot of frustration if we could just allow that a little bit more).

Emmy is two full days WITHOUT accidents and wearing UNDERPANTS!  Mostly she is proud and happy to get her M&M when she tinkles even the very smallest drop of pee 🙂 but sometimes she is less than enthused to be diaper-free.  But she is doing it.  And I can see school on the horizon!  She is also going to begin swimming lessons next week!  We signed her up and purchased some fruity scented goggles.  Go, little goldfish, go!

Lily took art supplies to the gym today to work on some painting.  She is combining watercolors and waterproof (?  They don’t run…) pens in some creative combinations.  In my second mile of laps, she motioned me into her room and gave me a quiz on tigers.  Lounging on the couch, she had brought along many National Geographic books and was reading them.  Without prompt or encouragement.  Yippee!!  And read the questions and answers with tremendous fluency.  I’m looking forward to this school year so much (even while I quake with anxiety over how much I want to accomplish before then!).

Woo hoo for great stuff!!

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