I’ve been busy this summer attending online workshops/webinars concerning different aspects of home education.  For the last 5 weeks, I have been studying project-based homeschooling.  It is a mix of maker philosophy with mentoring thrown in.  For the most part, I agree with what I am learning and I hope to carve out some project space in our schedule this fall in a deliberate way.  A huge part of learning how to support your child in project learning is to identify the deep interests by observing and  having conversations.  I have kept a journal to help me pay attention to what they play, questions asked and materials that may be needed and those specifically requested to move forward on a project or library ideas.  This morning, as the kids played yet another session of “Hamsters” (not to be confused with “Cats” which was played tonight), I wondered if I should record this play as showing a deep interest.  What could that interest be?  Softness?  Furry things?  Certainly not pet ownership.  At least not the furry kind.

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