Attempting to allow for an uninterrupted nap, we put a sign outside the door today, turning away those seeking to play.  Lily was in charge of hanging the signage and she added her own to direct people’s attention to the right place.  I didn’t find it until later in the day as I took down the sign.  My first reaction was to feel a little bit scared but then I thought about what she must have been trying to do and later on I asked her about it.  She said she wanted people to look over there (to the left of her sign) so she wanted to write it so they would look that way.  I think it is amazing how our minds work.  My spatial reasoning is way behind the 8 ball, so it would be really hard for me to write this…she wrote it down perfectly, the first time, while sounding out each word.  Just incredible.

Look over here <---

Look over here <—

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