Buried Treasure

Just cleaning out my email today and look what I found…a letter written to both Lily and Ollie way back in 2011!

Something really funny happened tonight.  We have been in a struggle to get you to sleep/stay in your bed at night.  Finally, we installed a gate so you could still have your door open but could not get out of your room.  Too much for you to get into…last night I came upon you in the kid bathroom emptying toothpaste and petroleum jelly onto a washcloth.  Oh man!

Back to the gate.

So we installed the gate and I noticed you really studying Dada and I as we went in and out before bed.  As soon as we said good night, you were up out of bed and unlocked the gate as if it weren’t really even there.  It was funny but we couldn’t really laugh or you would believe it was a good trick.  So, in another parenting brainstorm, I introduced three strikes and you’re out.  I gave you 3 playing pieces and explained I would take one if you left your room.  When there were no more pieces, I would have to shut and latch the door (which we unlatch before heading to bed ourselves).

I was downstairs and heard you leave your room.  As I came to your room, I noticed one of the pieces already out in the hall.  You caught on quickly!  If only you would stay in your room!!  Clever Girl!

We love you so,

Oh my, baby!  You are a handful of non-stop motion!  I can hardly change your diaper, let alone put you down without having to run after you, lest you climb the stairs or find a choke able to sample.  Yep, you are on the move and so thrilled with yourself and everyone around you.

You just started some chunkier foods and also “puffs”.  You aren’t sure how to enjoy them completely but you are getting used to the new hard feel in your mouth!  Lily sometimes feeds you and tries not to gag you with the spoon:). She is very enthused about caring for you.

Two weeks ago, though, you and I hit a rough patch.  Mommy got mastitis (a breast infection) and then you had a rough time with the antibiotics I had to take.  Your poor little bottom was so sore it hurt to even clean you.  Many baking soda soaks and cream and probiotics later, you are much better!  Seriously, kid, you looked like you had the bottom of a baboon!!

You are such an awesome, cuddly, loving and laughing guy!
I love you so much,

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