Summer is over?

ah, summer, you rascally fantastically awesome time of year.  I love you.  I love your noises and scents, your heat and even your humidity.  I love your playtime and your laziness and your juicy-being-in-it-ness.  I love a sweaty walk or run, a fresh tomato off the withering vine and the terrible mess your weeds make of my gardens.  I love how you come back around each year and toast us up, brown and itchy.  I love how you relax all the wound up tendencies of this person and force Popsicles down our throats.  I love mowing and sprinkling and swimming and reading magazines in the sun.  I love your light and your wide open possibility.  I love the weight of humid days and the release of cold dips in lakes or pools.  I love your foods and how you make me just a little less hungry for junk. I love the extra time in the day and the early light in the morning.  I love your fullness.  You have wrung us out this summer and we are better for it.  I’m not ready for you to leave just yet although I know you must.  I will miss you terribly. Please hurry back!

xoxo- Me

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