Reporting Back

Apple oatmeal recipe was a big hit.  I’m so glad there are leftovers!

Leaf chromatography experiment didn’t work as we hoped but we did identify some trees in our yard/woods.  And talked about photosynthesis.  {when I asked the kids what food trees ate Emmy said “gwass”😊}

Ollie has made a new pal named Thomas.  Once a week or so we have gone to the playground after pick up and Thomas is playing, too.  

Emmy loves to dance.  She loves to snack.  She loves a good mimi…so, Emmy is basically the same but even cuter.

Lily is tearing up her school year.  I catch her reading  or making art over and over through the day.  

Is it just me or have shorter days already started to slow you down?  I look forward to the time change only because maybe the sun will be up with (before??) the children for a month or so.  

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