Baking, Bouncing, Bugs

A neighbor told me that the trampoline was the very best investment.  The kids never {ever} tire of the trampoline!  When winter comes, we will be sad…but maybe we don’t have to shut it down?  I don’t know.  Maybe we can jump through all seasons?  Hmmm.

Today’s math included taking a favorite recipe (chocolate chip cookie), halving it and doubling it.  Lily figured it out on her own.  Then she baked a batch (that seems to not have the right amount of baking soda or too much butter…).  We renamed them chocolate chip butter crisps and they are disappearing as quickly as the regular batch does!

Stinkbugs have returned.  We are finding halloween bugs about.  Orange and black one; either long and wing-y or short and spiky.  Wooly caterpillars are on the prowl.  Emmy and I found one on our walk and someone found a baby one on a stick.

Ollie doesn’t know it but we are going to celebrate turning 5 this weekend with the family.  We will be in Birdsboro for a Rock Hollow Woods Halloween and driving home on his actual day so this will be a happy surprise for him!

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