Happy Birthday, Oliver William Weller

I have a lot of love to get down here but tonight is not the night to do it.  Look for an edit tomorrow.  Xoxo, Little Roundy!!

And I’m back!!

Dear Oliver-

Sometimes I imagine why I was so lucky to become your mom.  The Universe was looking out for me.  Mothering you has been joyful (though also filled with some struggles–all mine).  When you were born, you were easy and cuddly, hungry and sleepy.  As you have grown, I’ve gotten to see how interested you are in the world around you.  Questions and insights pop out of you continuously.  You are more philosophical at 5 than I am at 41 :-).  You challenge me to dig deep for a compassionate response when you bite your finger while eating the 7th time that day.  You force me to relax and take snuggle breaks or stop to chitchat.  You choose the best poems and books to read together.  You educate me on the finer details of superheroes.  You astound me with your recall of animal facts.  I am so proud of the friend and brother you are.  You strive to do the right thing and want to understand why it is the right thing to do.  You are upfront and honest.  I have yet to meet a speedier carseat buckler…how do you always beat me?!?  I love your smile and I miss your curls but you are growing up, my thoughtful, whip-smart boy.

I love you I love you I love you.  Momma

PS  I am going to sneak in and give you a kiss now…since you are asleep…and you won’t be able to wipe it off!  Ha–gotcha!  xoxoxIMG_4306

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