The Tidy and The Pickup

Today we started to get ready to party on Saturday.  While party supplies wait for their time, the house and yard are the immediate focus.  Since much of the party will be outside, we walked around gathering detritus as we were showered with leaves.  Tomato plants bit the dust thanks to the frost but herbs are made of heartier stuff and remain.  Silly string will be decorating trees and there will be lots of styrofoam darts to pick up from the superhero obstacle course.  Candy will litter the ground after the piñata.  Without prompt, darling Ollie picked up the playroom and unveiled it right before bed.  The Batcave will be spruced tomorrow and food prepped.  Cake pick up on Saturday and then the fun begins!  I know a few kids (and adults) who can’t wait to celebrate (for the last time!!).

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