I’m Batman

That was the theme today.  Sam got some photos but they are on the real camera and I don’t have the energy to download them tonight 🙂  Its a good sort of tired.  Despite the weather not being quite as clear and sunny as we hoped, the superheroes we entertained were hap-hap-happy!  As the guests arrived, we chatted, played in the playroom and then when everyone got here, we went down to the Bat Cave where capes and masks were handed out.  Since it was kind of raining and we ran out of time to set up, the obstacle course was more of a bits and pieces affair.  Down into the backyard for silly string war.  Got the supplies and made some goop which we billed as the toxic waste that The Joker fell into.  There was only enough for the little kids to take home a sample.  My party assistant, Lillian, went inside to set the table and it was so cute how she smooshed enough kids onto the bench in the dining room so everyone had a seat.  Cake, ice cream, popcorn for Bryce (who can’t have sugar) and then Arla suggested laps around the house to burn off the sugar.  It was a terrific idea.  Back in for presents and then we broke out the candy for the candy scramble.  Big guys threw the candy, little guys scrambled and then the party was over!  Ollie sneaked back inside to eat some candy in private, the kids ripped open their dart guns to shoot at one another, and the moms all breathed a sigh of relief.  It was a great party and I am so happy we had a fun time!

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