Month of Gratitude

November?  How is this happening?  And what an easy day to start counting my blessings!  Look for the month to be filled with daily reflections of thankfulness.  I love how this exercise stretches me each year.

1.  The Time Change: While parents of young kids could not take advantage of the extra hour today, the time change did gift us with a bedtime everyone was ready for!  Since the 3littlewees woke up at 5:30, by  7:00 they were yawning.  Especially being full of…

2.  Chicken in the crockpot:  chicken, lots of salt, fresh herbs, on high for the day.  Viola.  A tasty dinner served with minimal work.  

3.  Being in it together:  I asked for a Christmas cage for Emmy; only half kidding about that as a gift.  She is the most fearsome and fabulous, strongest little sucker with a mind made up to do what she wants.  At least Sam and I could have a good laugh about it at dinner when she refused to sit in her seat to eat.

4.  Clean bedrooms:  yesterday the bedrooms were cleared, cleaned, freshened up and now stand open and ready for playing and cartwheels.  I’m so grateful for the look of it while it lasts.

5.  Beautiful days:  it could be snowing by now.  I wondered why my feet were sore; I haven’t gotten used to wearing shoes yet.  That tells you how mild it has been.  Love it!

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