Get Outside

I am going to order a sunlight/sun lamp for the winter because I love the sun and the clouds really, really, embarrassingly affect my mood.  So because it was gorgeous and sunny out today, I decided to soak it in and promised myself I would be proactive with the mood swings coming with the change in weather.

  1. Shutting up~I can talk over the people I love.  Tonight when Ollie asked what a heart attack is, I kept quiet, only asking what he thought it was.  I am glad I did.  Bryce told him he almost had a heart attack when he thought Ollie had fallen off the trampoline so he was curious.  In this case, it was just an expression and not the real life-threatening situation.  I love explaining those things to O.
  2. Book Clubs~no, not for me…Lily joined a book club today.  So now she is busily reading away upstairs.  It is an online forum for lovers of Magic TreeHouse.  Should be interesting how it all goes down!
  3. Unbridled, unabashed laughter~Emmy, for some reason, thought that sticking her finger up her nose and then having me pull it out and say, “No, no!” was the most hilarious thing in the world.  She embodied LOL for a solid 10 minutes tonight as we tried to get ready for bed.
  4. Pie~Lily has chosen 4 different pie recipes to try over the month.  Apple pie is scheduled for Thanksgiving.  This week:  Lemon cheesecake (pie?)…
  5. Bonus summer~This weather is the the very best.  I can’t get over it.  I am so grateful we will have another few days to enjoy the sun and warmth!

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