Howler Monkeys and Giraffes and Komodo Dragons, oh my!

We couldn’t have picked a nicer, more perfect day for the zoo. When we pulled in a pet of me freaked out that it was, in fact, closed since the parking lot was empty. But, no, just a low attendance day, even though it was beautiful. Bonus?  Gramma Lissa was here to enjoy the day with us!  

Ollie was in his zookeeper garb. The animals were more active than usual. We witnessed a tiger leap, gracefully, powerfully, across a great open crevasse, a Komodo dragon spread eagle lying on the heated floor of the exhibit, a springbok run circles around the habitat, reminding us of Maggie, and a polar bear playfully swimming in his cold water. And we made it through the whole zoo and played on all the playgrounds (that we have never even seen before!). Fun. 


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