My Cookin’s So Good

it’ll make ya cry!

True story.  Two out of three kids were sobbing at dinner time because they couldn’t bear the thought of eating broccoli cheese soup.  And Lily gave me a look of compassion and said, “I tried it and I don’t really care for it, but I’ll eat it anyway.”

But at least I laughed about it!  And the other two ate bread and butter and cereal.  

I’m grateful for training the kid(s) to say, I don’t care for it instead of I hate this.  I’m grateful for TJ’s Candy Cane decaf herbal tea!!  I’m grateful for kid-decorated Christmas trees and learning to cede control of how I picture it all and just going with the flow.  I’m grateful for girls dancing in underpants (as asymmetric tops, oh yes).  I’m downright top of the world thankful to watch Emmy get down and move her solid little body.  

Uptown, funk you up.  Uptown funk you up, ya’ll!

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