Ear Infections and Gingerbread Men

Poor Emmy. She will be healed up soon but she had a few rough days of fever and cold symptoms. A quick visit to the doctor today revealed an ear infection so we got some medicine and she is on the mend!  She was so run down she could do little more than lay cuddled up in her blankets, waiting to be carried to her next resting place. 

While we had to spend time doing Doctor duty, the day also included gingerbread painting, baking bread and lots of Christmas tree fractals. Lily watched the tail end of White Christmas for the 3rd time this morning and now wants to check out some more musicals. I’m happy to oblige!  Ollie helped me bake bread tonight for dinner and then hung around. At some point he started following me around, hugging me. And he was particularly loving before bed, snuggling up under my arm while I read. He’s such a cutie. 

That’s all!  Good day and tomorrow will be better!

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