Do you know what a B-Hag is?  Probably those among you with MBA’s and such do.  I think it comes from the business world.  I was only introduced to it through some reading.  A B-Hag is a big hairy audacious goal.  And I might have one for the first half of 2016.  Marnie issued a challenge…well, more like an invitation.  And I am seriously considering it.

The Broad Street Run is in May.  Ten miles through the streets of Philadelphia.  Ahh-I can almost smell the truck engines and cigarette smoke now.

Now, while I know this will take coordination and lots of help from you, dear readers, I am actually, probably pursuing this without any guarantee that I will be able to run.  But I think I would like a goal to work toward and it would be fun to do it alongside Marn.  She is far ahead of me as far as training miles but she did just have surgery, so maybe I can catch up to her.  🙂

Whether I am running down Broad St with Marnie in May or not, I think imagining the warm weather mid-spring will put a bounce in my step and smile on my face.  And some miles on my feet.

2 thoughts on “B-Hag

  1. Go for it! I’ll help out as much as I can, although want to keep my Wednesday afternoons open as much as possible (mahjong…). Run Heather run!!

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