Just a Phase

At 4:11 AM when I heard little feet scuttle across the floor…was it one or two sets?

At 5:20 AM when I rolled over and a little head popped up, thinking it was morning.

At 4:45PM when the puzzle her sister tries to complete seems better ripped apart.

At 5:02PM when a snack wasn’t right and ended up smashed all over the floor.

I tell myself it is just a phase.

At 8:55 AM when a watercolor/glue/scissory masterpiece makes its way into my hands.

At 10:05 AM when I am being read to, a favorite by Jan Ba-rett {Brett}, with Nicki and his white mittens.

At 3:40PM when we are together, alone, for Family Swim and she wants motorboat over and over again.

At 7:10 PM when she just needs that extra snug to drift off.

I tell myself it is all worth it.

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