Born This Way

I talked to Elise yesterday about Baby Owen and sleep.  How I still don’t have it figured out and that my kids weren’t sleepers.  Except for maybe Ollie :-).  But it made me think about how each of the three babies I have (had?  *sob*) were so different from one another and they came into the world that way.  Just born that way.  How Lily didn’t really like being held or cuddled…and while she does like to cuddle up now-especially if you throw in hot chocolate, Dr. Heater and a book, she remains a bit more aloof than most.  She still emotes strongly.  She loves a bath.  More dependent on routine, finding comfort in things that repeat.  And then there is Ollie Boy.  Smiles and spit ups and sleeping while sweating.  I just left him, sound asleep in minutes, on the floor…or where-ever!  Could he be the most easy-going?  I mean, besides the crying.  But he doesn’t dig deep with the emotions and crying, its more just the way he continues to express frustration.  More snuggly than his sisters and was that way as a baby, too.  And my Emmy.  While content to look around or play by herself as a wee one, she still can keep herself occupied…with anything off limits-like M&M’s by the handful and any lotion/gel/cream/makeup/fill-in-the-blank unguent.  She has always been noticeable; now she is just a lot louder–to compete with the bigger ones.  She wants to hang out the most of any of the kids and I can definitely say she was the one I wore as a baby the most.

I re-read this list and I hope it doesn’t sound like I am complaining.  There are three unique and wonderful individuals asleep (well, maybe they aren’t all asleep) upstairs right now.  They are the most interesting people I’ve ever met and have made me grow more than any others.  What fantastical creatures (fish, gorilla, monkey) they each are, such wild, distinct kids.  They were just born that way.

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