Mystery Science

We recently started to use a new learning platform for science, a start up called Mystery Science.  It is an online curriculum that uses questions to lead us to understanding.  Today everyone joined in on the fun.  It was a lesson about states of matter and identifying properties of different materials.  The mystery question was:

Why are so many toys made out of plastic?

And the problem to solve involved getting candy to a friend at sleep away camp but choosing a type that would make it to Camp Too Hot safely.

So we learned about toys in the olden days which were made of wood.  Hard, had to be carved, took much to much time to make…

And then we considered how to make a lot of things that are exactly alike.  Like Popsicles.  Which led to a discussion about how we make Popsicles with water that can be poured into a mold and frozen.  

Well, if water can be liquid and change yo solid and vice versa, what other material can do that too?  Plastic and…candy.

So we did an experiment with hot water and candy.  Of course the kids loved it!  Added bonus-we talked about the widget factory😉

This was a great find!  So far really enjoy figuring out the challenges.  

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